Creating Safe and Welcoming Schools

HRC Foundation's Welcoming Schools is the nation's premier professional development program providing training and resources to elementary school educators to embrace all families, create LGBTQ and gender inclusive schools, prevent bias-based bullying, and support transgender and non-binary students.

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Check out our curated booklist by authors of color for Pre-K to 8 students to spark discussion on race and racism. Recommendations include books covering a range of topics from anti-Black racism to looking at skin color, Black history, self-esteem, and anti Asian, indigenous people and latinx racism. See 灯蓝专业 for lesson prompts that will be added on the last Wednesday of every month!


In addition to our 智能钢琴app下载-智能钢琴安卓版 v4.2.6 - 安下载:2021-9-20 · 军职在线 v2.7.2 手机版 麦咭TV v1.10.2 安卓版 基层卫生 v1.3.2 安卓版 高中英语助手 v19.9.3 安卓版 精准教学通 v3.7.1.0 手机版 无限宝 v15.0.20210709 手机版 朗朗点读 v6.0 安卓版, Welcoming Schools is now offering our trainings virtually, consisting of asynchronous self-directed learning and synchronous interactive learning. Contact us now to book your training on embracing all families, supporting transgender and non-binary students, preventing bias-based bullying and creating LGBTQ and gender inclusive classrooms!


Ready-to-use lesson plans, diverse books for your classroom and ways to create a more welcoming school community.

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From Welcoming Schools Wednesdays, find thirteen books and related activities adapted from our teacher lesson plans that parents can use with children at home! The featured books focus on Welcoming Schools themes: embracing all families, being an ally and respecting differences inclusive of LGBTQ identities. Don’t have the book? Don’t worry! Link to online readings of each book are provided.

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Top Recommendations for Diverse, LGBTQ and Gender Inclusive Books

Welcome all students and their families with diverse books. Find books featuring all kinds of families, LGBTQ inclusive books, books to challenge gender stereotypes and books that support transgender and non-binary students.

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WATCH: See How Welcoming Schools Can Help Your School’s Climate

Watch here to see for yourself the positive impact on school climate and academic achievement when schools and school districts work with Welcoming Schools to develop gender and LGBTQ inclusive schools.

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Be Prepared: Responding to Kids’ Questions on LGBTQ Topics

What can you say when a student asks you, “What does ‘gay’ mean?” or “Why does she look like a boy?” Find ways to interrupt gender and LGBTQ put-downs.

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Show all students they are included with “Be Who You Are” bookmarks and posters. Support safe schools where all students can thrive with a Welcoming Schools baseball tee.

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We would like to thank our generous sponsors, without whom our work would not be possible.

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